Rave Reviews KidzArt Student

It is always my pleasure to provide children with quality learning opportunities that meet their needs for learning style and interests. There is nothing more motivational and rewarding to me than to see children happy in their learning, exploring their capacities, and growing intellectually, socially, and emotionally. I believe strongly in what the arts can do for children's perspectives in life, how it enables them to feel and see intrinsic rewards that transform into successes in other areas as well....and how art integrates into every curriculum area. Arts education supports and enriches the entire curriculum and enables children to learn in ways we can only imagine.

So, it is I who thank you on behalf of our children in Easton for providing your program's additional arts experiences.
Dr. Nancy Sullivan - Director, Curriculum, Instruction
   & Professional Development, Easton Public Schools

Allie has truly enjoyed KidzArt classes and takes home a beautiful piece of art work each week and a big smile on her face. We just recently had them all framed and gave some of them to family members as gifts. Everyone thought it was so wonderful that our school was able to offer this class. Allie has really gained so much self confidence through this course and is really becoming a budding artist. This program has been such a wonderful experience for Allie and is a chance for students who may not excel in sports to have a talent that they can share with their friends and be proud of their accomplishments.
Cathy Martin, parent of KidzArt student

Thank you for the confidence James gained through KidzArt classes. James has ADHD with an impulsive component, yet he was able to focus and complete beautiful drawings each session. He now creates elaborate pictures and illustrates stories in great detail.
Elizabeth Elia, parent and educator

KidzArtI wanted to thank you for a very important message that you gave my daughter. We were looking at her art work one day and she told me that she made a mistake in some spots. Then she proceeded to tell me that it was O.K. to make mistakes because she would just make something else out of the mistakes. Artists make mistakes all the time, she told me and they just move on. What a great message!!! Thanks for helping build her confidence.
Cindy, parent of KidzArt student

I'll miss you more than anything when it's supposed to be KidzArt day.
Peterson, KidzArt student – age 6

I want to let you know that Patrick is still having a great time drawing!  He has all of his drawings on his "Wall of Art" in his bedroom.  He is excited to sign up for the next session too! Thanks for bringing KidzArt to the John F. Kennedy!
Ellen Halloran, parent of KidzArt student


Just a little note to say thank you for the fabulous KidzArt classes we had this session. It has been a fabulous addition to our program. It’s also been a pleasure working with you these past few months.
Jill Asser, former Children’s Director of the Striar Jewish Community Center


KidzArt® uses only high quality, non-toxic art materials.


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